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I write about people that are much much smarter than me. See the links on my shiny blog? I wrote those. And some other stuff. Below is the kind of thing you would find about me in the back of a book or anthology.

"Kelly Hale lives in the magical city called Stumptown where the streets are paved with espresso beans and the garbage recycles itself. She is the author of several science fiction-y type stories in scattered anthologies, co-author of a Doctor Who TV tie-in novel Grimm Reality, and also won an award for an early version of Erasing Sherlock – there was a giant novelty check involved.  She is mother of geeks and stand-up comedians. When she isn’t writing she enjoys grinding bones to make artisan breads, creating her own skin care products from locally sourced virgins blood, and knitting with razor wire. She’s been a fan of science fiction and fantasy since age 11. Characters from the original Star Trek represent archetypes in her dreams."

I am a devout secular humanist.

My Twine story: Tallulah land 1993

Twine is this kind of cool software that allows a user like myself (that is to say, a not tech savvy user) to make a branching story - like those choose-you-own-adventures. It's pretty easy to use and if you're good at coding you can make it very fancy, but I am not tech savvy (hence my hesitation to use this blog despite being told it's simplicity itself), so I made mine pretty simple. But I can see how you could create something spectacular. You can play a story like a game, moving through the links in a straightforward fashion or branching off and then looping back again.

I adapted a story I wrote a gazillion years ago called Tallulah land 1993 about a young lesbian couple and the woman who comes into their lives and smashes a lot of illusions. It's about magic and the co-opting of aboriginal spiritualism, and gender politics. And also, it's a love story.  There are three images in it that I found on Pinterest and the attributions for those can be found on my Pinterest page. http://www.pinterest.com/kellyhale311/crone/

Tallulah land 1993

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