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I write about people that are much much smarter than me. See the links on my shiny blog? I wrote those. And some other stuff. Below is the kind of thing you would find about me in the back of a book or anthology.

"Kelly Hale lives in the magical city called Stumptown where the streets are paved with espresso beans and the garbage recycles itself. She is the author of several science fiction-y type stories in scattered anthologies, co-author of a Doctor Who TV tie-in novel Grimm Reality, and also won an award for an early version of Erasing Sherlock – there was a giant novelty check involved.  She is mother of geeks and stand-up comedians. When she isn’t writing she enjoys grinding bones to make artisan breads, creating her own skin care products from locally sourced virgins blood, and knitting with razor wire. She’s been a fan of science fiction and fantasy since age 11. Characters from the original Star Trek represent archetypes in her dreams."

I am a devout secular humanist.

Friday, September 16, 2016

If you tried to purchase Erasing Sherlock and couldn't, there's a reason. I'm an idiot is the reason.

So. I handed out all these cards at Willamette Writer's Conference with my contact info, and my goodreads author's list, and where one could purchase my novel (on kindle) and just discovered Erasing Sherlock was "pending" publication for a month. Apparently when I tried to get a copy of the cover off the Amazon publishing site (so I could make the above mentioned cards), I somehow gave the publishing platform the impression that I was uploading a new cover image. And it put a hold on publication (even though it has been available for 6 years). Anyone who tried to buy my book because I gave them a card would have been unable to do so. For a freaking month.

I suck at self-promotion. Let's just get that clear. Also, I'm off Facebook and feel that no one can hear my cries of anguish now. Although I have less anguish now that I'm not reading about others all the time.  Also, I am actually making things with my hands, heart and mind.

Still, I did not make best use of my Willamette Writer's Conference investment. I feel like crying (and will as soon as I get offline).  I had 18,000 dollars in February and today I have about 4000.  I better  finish (write) that novel huh?

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