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I am a devout secular humanist.

Friday, August 19, 2016

My proper broken-in husband fantasy

A little bit ago the sudden thought sprang into my head of how I wished I had a husband - a proper broken-in husband that I've been together with for years, who gets me, who likes some of the things I like (but not everything) who doesn't really notice me farting, or at least doesn't bother to say anything, merely moves downwind and keeps on reading his book and I keep on reading mine. We don't sit on the couch together because I have my chair and he likes to stretch out on the entire length of the sofa. He loves me in my womanly form and has seen a number of versions of it. I talk to him while brushing my teeth. We both love sci-fi, but don't go to conventions out of town because they're too expensive. He was married before and has grown kids and that works great because I was too and I do too. We take trips separately sometimes. We have sex sometimes. We sleep in the same bed sometimes but often must sleep separately because one of us snores. We hold hands sometimes, but don't have to. We don't have to talk but love to talk.

Most of the time I don't miss having a coupled relationship. When I had it in the past it was fraught with all that youthful nonsense, biological urges, drama, romance, the chemicals of lust in love. I don't want romance. I don't want to date. All that stuff makes me really uncomfortable these days. I don't have the patience to keep my opinions to myself.

I realized that I want male/female companionship that is already lived in. I want an old married relationship in some kind of easy to swallow tablet. I don't want to go through all that fuss and bother with the dating and the tentative getting to know each other stage.

The thing is. I do have a husband. We've been married for 37 years.  
We haven't lived together for 35 of them though.  So...yeah...

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