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I write about people that are much much smarter than me. See the links on my shiny blog? I wrote those. And some other stuff. Below is the kind of thing you would find about me in the back of a book or anthology.

"Kelly Hale lives in the magical city called Stumptown where the streets are paved with espresso beans and the garbage recycles itself. She is the author of several science fiction-y type stories in scattered anthologies, co-author of a Doctor Who TV tie-in novel Grimm Reality, and also won an award for an early version of Erasing Sherlock – there was a giant novelty check involved.  She is mother of geeks and stand-up comedians. When she isn’t writing she enjoys grinding bones to make artisan breads, creating her own skin care products from locally sourced virgins blood, and knitting with razor wire. She’s been a fan of science fiction and fantasy since age 11. Characters from the original Star Trek represent archetypes in her dreams."

I am a devout secular humanist.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Creative non-fiction

I've been taking a class in creative non-fiction. Primarily this gives me a daily practice unfettered by expectations of outcomes. I write from prompts. I experiment with lyrical forms. It's been freeing. I'm grateful for it.

I wrote a piece of lyrical non-fiction called "What Were You?" (Thinking about changing the title to What You Were.) Submitted it to a local woman's literary journal called Voice Catchers. Did not get accepted but did get really good response about developing the piece for future consideration? I think?

Went to pay a call on Stefan. He's making wands right now. That's right, magical wands for the purpose of magic. Except they aren't cheesy, and aren't recreations of Potter wands. These are carved out of found wood. He gave me a yew wand and is making another out of cedar. Pacific Northwest Yew supposedly isn't right for magic. Whatever. Druidic snobs:-)  Yew is also used primarily in rituals associated with death, with Hecate, with underground and beneath. All I know is that I had the most beautiful dream after handling it. 

I am still procrastinating on the story I owe Phil Purser-Hallard for his latest City of the Saved anthology. Hopefully mid June finish for it will be okay.  I've been scribbling at it today. I have about four sketchy pages and don't quite have the way in. Not sure if I want it to be first person or alternating narrative voices between the good guy and the bad guy.. I don't have a name for the story yet and I don't have a name for the Super Awesome Karate Chopping Musical Explosion Show (trademark Andy Dywer) yet either.  I want alot of the fun at first. Sliding down the mountain, leaping out of your bed onto a water slide all the way to breakfast pancakes. But I know I'll get it down probably in a week long crunch between end of class and beginning of new class.

Writing is hard yo.

I forgot all about this blog. It's got journaling potential.